ClimateVine: The essential viticulture weather app for UK vineyards

Nearly 100 UK vineyards used and benefited from the new ClimateVine app during the 2017 season. This unique and valuable tool has been developed by a team of scientists exclusively for UK vineyards, and is available at

The app provides essential:

  • Vineyard weather forecasts and extreme weather alerts – including frost alerts
  • Vineyard, regional and national weather information, through the seasons
  • Phenology progress updates
  • Industry insights to keep you abreast of UK weather and vine news

The app also acts as a portal for sharing anonymised UK vineyard data, analysed for the benefit of the whole sector. In exchange for weather forecasts, seasonal weather tracking and extreme weather alerts, growers are encouraged to upload phenology, disease and harvest information with just a few clicks on their phone. This confidential information will be collated, anonymised and analysed to produce reports for all users on progress through the growing season, and to support further research by project partners to help improve UK grape yields.

The app was initially developed through the Viticulture Climate Exchange (VitiCE) project, a partnership between Weatherquest Ltd., the UKVA, NIAB-EMR, and Exeter University, which was funded by Weatherquest and an EIP-Agri grant. A report on this project will soon be available via The app development also benefitted from valuable co-design by UK vineyard managers and, with their continued help the app will continue to expand its services and functionality.   The aim of further enhancing this information exchange tool is to help users and the sector improve yields and build resilience.

For more information go to the website:  or  email:[email protected]

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