You might never have considered volunteering at a harvest before, but if you’re a little outdoorsy it could be just the experience you’re looking for.

Arriving a little earlier than usual this season after a glorious summer, harvest season is just a few short weeks away as vineyards scramble to get the grapes off the vine as ripe as possible before Autumn.

Volunteering at harvest is a time-honoured tradition in most of the wine-producing world. You can look forward to leafy, sun-dappled fields of vines, cheerful camaraderie with workers and fellow volunteers, and maybe even a glass of the local wine and a hearty lunch. You’ll be shown the ropes on the day – once you know where to cut the stem, you’re set.

We reached out to our members to find out who’s in need of extra hands this season and how to get involved. Read on to find out if there are any opportunities near you. We’ve picked out a select few here – a more comprehensive list can be found at



Melbury Vale

Melbury Vale



Dunesforde Vineyard

Dunesforde Vineyard






East Sussex

Limney Farm Vineyard

Limney Farm Vineyard


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