Stewart Wilde Sparkling Wine book Cover

New guide to the sparkling wines of England and Wales now published

A new book has just been published focusing on many of the sparkling wine producers and their wines. Authored by Stewart Wilde, ‘Sparkling Wine’ collates directions, maps and opening times, making for an informative and accessible guide to the wine enthusiast.

Sparkling Wine supplies other need-to-know information: grape varieties, wines, tasting notes and soil type. The author provides an engaging insight into the makers and their craft.

After practicing as an architect in his early career, Stewart Wilde changed tack and followed his passion, wine. Working in the UK wine trade for several years, he acquired and nurtured an intimate knowledge of the vineyards of England and Wales. “What the rest of the world can do, English and Welsh vineyards and winemakers are doing it better,” he comments.


‘Sparkling Wine – The Vineyards of England and Wales’ is available online and from good bookshops
ISBN: 9781851499052
Publishers: ACC Art Books
RRP £12.95

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