WineGB Supports MP’s Call for Cellar Door Relief Scheme to Benefit Smaller UK Vineyards

WineGB welcomes the interest shown by MPs in some form of support for smaller vineyards and is actively encouraging its members across the UK to contact their MPs to highlight the application made on the industry’s behalf to HM Treasury last December. WineGB believes the scheme proposed would also satisfy EU and WTO rules on state aid for industry while also enhancing the total revenue raised by HMRC.

The proposed cellar door relief scheme for wine producers would apply only to wine sales direct to consumers at the cellar door. A duty relief scheme granted in 2002 to smaller breweries and cider producers yielded significant benefits by creating favourable market conditions to enable them to compete with larger breweries. It has led to impressive growth in the sector.

“During this somewhat turbulent time it is encouraging to see a number of our MPs this week actively behind this initiative, that, if passed, will bring resounding benefits to the UK wine industry and thus to the UK economy as a whole,” comments Simon Robinson, Chairman of WineGB.

He added: “We wholeheartedly support this move and would be delighted to work with any MPs with vineyards in their constituency to highlight this significant opportunity which is of particular interest to our smaller producers. By encouraging vineyards to expand their cellar door facilities, the scheme would also encourage tourism more generally as well as much needed rural development and employment.”

WineGB has put the call out to its members again to contact their local MPs to raise this issue with them.


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