Plumpton take final steps to switch sparkling Rosé into green glass

The wine division of Plumpton College have taken the final steps to switch their sparkling rosé from clear glass over into green bottles.

Plumpton Winemaker Sarah Midgely commented “From 2016 onwards we have been bottling the Plumpton Estate Brut Rosé NV in green glass and we are delighted to have the first batch ready to release. Unlike the former packaging, “flint” or clear glass, the green glass will provide greater protection from UV light, protecting against the easily-avoidable wine issue of damage due to light strike.”

“At Plumpton College, the UK centre of excellence in wine education, the topic of light strike has been on the syllabus for many years, all wine graduates are given a clear understanding of the risks wine face from light. However, many in the broader wine trade and general public remain oblivious to damage caused to wine by light” commented Dr Greg Dunn, head of Plumpton Wine Division.

Plumpton College in conjunction with the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) and leading UK Winery Nyetimber launched LIGHTSTRIKE AWARENESS DAY two years ago to educate the trade and public about this problem.

Outlining the effect that light has on clear bottles, Midgely concluded “In a clear bottle the wine could become damaged by bright light in under 20 minutes, and this damage can lead to off odours and flavours. After carefully crafting and blending the wine, then maturing it for 18 months on lees in the bottle, it is a weight off our minds to know the wine is better protected against damage by simply changing the colour of the bottle. This wine will be released in the New Year”

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