Balfour Hush Heath launch Pink Fizz in cans

The Balfour Winery at the Hush Heath Estate in Kent has launched Balfour Pink Fizz in cans this week, and to celebrate, 100 lucky people will be able to send a can of Balfour Pink Fizz to their Valentine with a personal note. Balfour Winery will be sharing the love across social media.

Each 200ml can has two servings of semi-sparkling English pink wine. The wine’s combination of fragrance and fresh, red fruit comes from a “field-blend” of seven different grape varieties grown in Kent. The Balfour Winery team use the “assemblage” method to capture the perfect pink colour and taste profile. And the wine is canned using the latest developments in canning technology to keep it fruiter, and fresher, for longer.

Using a can as packaging adds to Balfour Winery’s environmental values; aluminium is more likely to be recycled than glass while cans weigh less to transport. Together this cuts down on carbon emissions and reduces their carbon-footprint overall. The wine’s state-of-the-art canning process keeps the wine fresher and fruitier for longer.

Balfour Pink Fizz brings together two things that are at the heart of the business. The Balfour Winery’s reputation for sparkling rosé and innovation. Balfour was the first English winery to produce a trophy-winning sparkling rosé, and Balfour Brut rosé was the first English sparkling to be poured on British Airways First Class.

Head winemaker Fergus Elias says of Balfour Pink Fizz, “this is serious wine.” He also admits it was an incredibly difficult project. “There has been huge growth in wine in cans but the process is notoriously tricky, and we wanted to ensure the quality and consistency of our canned wine matched the same extremely high standards we set for our wines in more traditional formats. A lot of research went into the subject and the resulting methodology is unlike anything else used in English wine. It’s really trail blazing stuff. This is genuinely a product which could not have been made in England 18 months ago.”

Balfour Pink Fizz is perfect for a shared glass for two. Or a treat from the fridge at the end of a long day. When the sun comes out it will be a hit for picnics and a refreshing glass on a walk. It is a fabulous and versatile match with food. Not only the traditional matches of “pink wine with pink food”, like prawns, salmon, or strawberries, but with salads, spicy dishes, fish and white meats.

Balfour Pink Fizz comes in 200ml cans with an RRP of £5.00. It is lightly sparkling in style, with 11.5% alcohol and is suitable for vegans. Currently the cans are available direct from Balfour Hush Heath website and will be available through national retailers in the coming months.


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