Balfour Pink Fizz in cans: Serious wine from Kent, in a can.

“This is about taking proper wine and putting it in a can. In fact, taking the style of wine we’re most famous for – English, sparkling rosé – and putting that in a can. We’re not scared to try something bold.”
Adam Williams, Sales Director Balfour Winery at the Hush Heath Estate.

The Balfour Winery at the Hush Heath Estate in Kent launches Balfour Pink Fizz in cans this week. And as Adam Williams explains “it’s because people should be able to enjoy proper wine in different formats. We also wanted to explore more environmentally friendly formats. The technology behind cans has advanced hugely. So that now we can use it to show top-quality, premium wines and know they will taste exactly as they should. That’s why this isn’t a one-off. It’s a whole project. Changing the way we think about wine packaging. And putting a wide range of premium wines in cans.”

Balfour Pink Fizz brings together two things that are at the heart of the business. The Balfour Winery’s reputation for sparkling rosé. And innovation. Balfour was the first English winery to produce a trophy-winning sparkling rosé,
and Balfour Brut rosé was the first English sparkling to be poured on British Airways First Class. The winery’s most recent innovation was its Winemaker Collection, a limited-edition release with labels by artists Lothar Götz and Keith Coventry including a sparkling white made from Champagne grape varieties including Petite Meslier and the rare Arbanne.

Head winemaker Fergus Elias says of Balfour Pink Fizz, “this is serious wine”. But also admits it was an incredibly difficult project. “There has been huge growth in wine in cans but the process is notoriously tricky, and we wanted to ensure the quality and consistency of our canned wine matched the same extremely high standards we set for our wines in more traditional formats. A lot of research went into the subject and the resulting methodology is unlike anything else used in English wine. It’s really trail blazing stuff. This is genuinely a product which could not have been made in England 18 months ago”

Fergus also wanted a packaging format that was environmentally friendly in keeping with Balfour Winery’s values. And drawing on Fergus’s work sitting on the sustainability board at Wine GB, aluminium is more likely to be recycled than glass while cans weigh less to transport. Together this cuts down on carbon emissions and reduces their carbon-footprint overall.

The result is a step forward for wine in cans, combining wine quality and packaging innovation. The wine’s state-of-the-art canning process keeps the wine fresher and fruitier for longer. For drinkers Balfour Pink Fizz brings together joy,

spontaneity and fabulous wine. For retailers, the cans make the best English wine convenient, with the reassurance that it keeps in top condition for longer.

Balfour Pink Fizz comes in 200ml cans with an RRP of £5.00. It is made from a field-blend of seven varieties across the Balfour Winery’s Hush Heath Estate in Kent and blended using the assemblage method. This gives the wine a combination of fruit and fragrance, appealing pink colour, as well as the lift of semi-sparkling carbonation.

Notes to editors Available for interview:
Adam Williams – Sales Director
Fergus Elias – Head Winemaker

Balfour Pink Fizz
A field blend of 7 Kentish varieties has been carefully curated at the winery to create a wine which possesses fabulous poise and elegance. Supple and delicious it was fermented at low temperatures before blending and canning on a state-of-the-art canning line. Balfour pink fizz is a wonderfully playful combination of red and white fruit. Fragrant Fizz with a delightful pink colour. A taste of the Kentish countryside to take with you anywhere.

Alcohol: 11.5%
Fizz: Lightly sparkling Suitable for vegans

Balfour Winery and Hush Heath Estate
Hidden away in the Kent countryside near Staplehurst, Balfour Winery is located on the beautiful Hush
Heath Estate. Visitors can stroll through the Estate’s immaculate vineyards, apple orchards, wild flower meadows and ancient oak woodlands before enjoying local food and wine in the stunning 200 person tasting room looking out over the Estate. The winery and visitor centre is open year round for tours, tastings and wine experiences.

Balfour Winery’s journey started in 2002 when founders Richard and Leslie Balfour-Lynn planted their first vineyard on Hush Heath Estate. 10,000 bottles of Balfour Brut Rosé was made from the first harvest in 2004, and won a gold medal and trophy at the International Wine Challenge in 2008. Balfour was officially on the wine map. Today, Balfour is one of England’s leading wineries, producing over 400,000 bottles of multi-award-winning sparkling and still wines which can be found in some of the finest restaurants and retailers both in the UK and internationally.

For more information please contact:
Adam Williams, Sales Director, Balfour Winery, [email protected]
Elena Parry, Commercial Partnerships & Events Manager, TWS Creative, [email protected]

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