Wonderful Wine & Binge Worthy TV Pairings For Valentines Weekend

Valentines Day is just around the corner, it’s chilly and since we’re still all confined to our homes, there’s no better opportunity to throw on a blanket and binge-watch TV. To make your session even better, we’ve asked 5 wine experts what they would pair with their Netflix series choice of the moment.


Paired with: Langham Pinot Meunier







Let’s go with Peaky Blinders and Langham Pinot Meunier. A series that is captivating, complex and full or character. Every episode leaves you wanting another one as the plot twists and turns down a serious and intense path with hints of humour and excitement. I feel that this sentence could equally be used to describe our Pinot Meunier 2017. That’s my poetic take on it. At the end of the day, it’s a great series and a banging wine, that’s a decent enough pairing to me.

Alternatively …


Paired with: Davenport Diamond Fields








A travel show that is short and snappy, hosted by Richard Ayoade who’s choice of vocabulary is, on occasion, just as interesting as the place he is discovering with a fellow comedian. It’s an easy watch, which cries out for a light, well made red wine. In Diamond Fields from Will Davenport, we get just that! Put Travel Man on and learn about a new place whilst drinking an excellent wine. You can take either the wine or the show seriously and learn a fair bit, or you can just sit back and enjoy them both without caring about much at all.

Tommy Grimshaw, Head Winemaker at Langham



Paired with: Chapel Down Kit’s Coty Chardonnay 2017







We’d have to go for The Queen’s Gambit and Kit’s Coty Chardonnay 2017 from Chapel Down. Our favourite lockdown mini-series matched to one of the finest English Chardonnays we’ve ever tasted. But why the two together? Beyond their respective brilliance, they both offer a life-affirming story of triumph over adversity. In The Queen’s Gambit, Kentucky orphan Beth Harman battles loss, addiction and a string of frighteningly brilliant male minds to become the world’s greatest – and most outrageously stylish – chess player. As for Kit’s Coty, well nobody could accuse England of being an easy place to grow wine, let alone world-class Chardonnay, yet this is exactly that. From its silken texture, to its smoky, roasted hazelnut flavours and spine-tingling freshness, it’s just a phenomenal wine. Both are intellectually stimulating. Both are easy to love without any training or experience. Together they are electrifying. We defy you to think (or drink) otherwise…

Susie Barrie MW and Peter Richards MW



Paired with: Balfour Hush Heath’s Balfour Nouveau 2020






Always looking to combine my love for both British and French culture (mostly wine), I’m pairing Hush Heath’s Balfour Nouveau 2020 and Lupin – the French mystery comedy Netflix series.

By its nature, the wine is a nod towards France and Beaujolais Nouveau; impressing on its release last November with bright red fruits, light spiciness and more-ishness. An English wine in French disguise… Lupin is all about disguise, it’s clever enough to keep me entertained and I get to practice my French!

Hannah Gray, Wine Communicator



Paired with: Oastbrook Sparkling Rosé 2015








Mad Men is a glitteringly glamorous TV show set on Madison Avenue in 1960’s New York. With good-looking characters smartly dressed in beautiful clothes, every scene is aesthetically pleasing, much like this gorgeous rose-gilded bottle of Oastbrook Sparkling Rosé 2015. This wine reflects the energy and fun of the Swinging Sixties, but it is still underpinned by traditional values, shown by the classic method in which it is made. When the winemaker America Brewer burst onto the scene and breathed new life into the wine industry, I’m sure she may have also left some mad men in her wake!

Sophia Longhi, Wine Communicator


BRIDGERTON – in particular – Penelope Featherington

Paired with: Coolhurst Vineyards Lady Elizabeth Rose 2016







The Lady Elizabeth Rose is made from a single vineyard plot of Pinot Noir that is disgorged after 36 months on its lees. The family run vineyard is a 7th generation family estate, run by two cousins Charlie and Will. Very much like our delightful character Penelope Featherington from Bridgerton, the wine is full of mystique, and isn’t quite what she seems. There is a lot more to her than meets the eye, and all is only revealed at the last possible moment when you have your thoughts firmly on fact. The wine is fun, joyful and full of charm, elegance and clarity that is only befitting the era of Bridgerton (no spoilers obviously).

Charles Carron-Brown, Head Sommelier at Henrock by Simon Rogan


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