Mereworth Winery & Taproom Opens Its Doors With 2 New Vintages

Mereworth Wines in Kent are adding two new exceptional sparkling wines to the family; their 2018 White From White, made exclusively from their Chardonnay grapes, and 2019 Sparkling Rosé from their Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. The release of these wines has timed perfectly with the opening of Mereworth Winery & Taproom to the public.

All of Mereworth Wines’ sparkling wine is made by the classic method – the same method used in Champagne. This ultimately rewards them with a full depth of flavours and an exceptional quality in each bottle. Grapes are hand-picked from their vineyard in Wateringbury, before being transported just a stone’s throw down the road to their winery in Brewers Hall Oast, just off the A26 near Mereworth

Mereworth Wines released their first vintage of Sparkling wine back in April 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit in full force. With many of the usual routes to market closed off, they opened up the cellar door to their winery. For many customers, this opened up a world of discovery ‘shopping local’.

“We talk to so many of our visitors who have started buying from local producers such as ourselves over the last year, and now that they have discovered the fantastic food and drinks grown and made on their doorstep, they haven’t turned back”, owner Will Boscawen explains. “English wine in particular, although growing in popularity each year, has been a new discovery for many. Now we have the opportunity to welcome visitors inside to enjoy our drinks in an authentic winery environment. It’s a privilege to be able to introduce our wines to our guests on a very personal basis and for them to get to know the team and the work we put into winemaking and vineyard management.”

Mereworth Winery & Taproom provides a unique space where you can buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it in the very room where it was made, sitting amongst the tanks, and under the watchful gaze of their press, affectionately named ‘Willma’. After enjoying a bottle, or two, there are case deals available for guests to take home enough to last them until their next visit. Outside and inside tables are available for walk-ins, with a fully stocked bar available. Tours and tastings, masterclasses and other events are bookable in advance online at

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