Winemakers of Mereworth Make New the World’s Oldest Drink

Mereworth Wines have just released their brand new Marourde Aperitif; the first in their collection of winemaker’s spirits, looking to bring Kent onto the mainstage in the aperitif market. The winemaking team at Mereworth Wines, producers of classic method English sparkling wine, have realised their dream to reinvent the world’s oldest drink, honey wine, making it the new go-to drink this Summer.

Previously available in a ready drink format, Marourde has taken a new form as a 15% ABV aperitif. Blending 9,000 years of history with a modern twist, Mereworth Wines steeped herbs and botanicals in this honey-wine. The world’s oldest drink is back, and this time it’s the perfect harmony of bitter and sweet, with a lingering zesty orange finish. An enticing amber colour with rich garnet hues, Marourde Aperitif is incredibly versatile – delicious on its own over ice, or even with tonic to create an English Spritz drink.

“The art of winemaking, with all its subtle nuances and challenges, is the blood that makes our heart beat”, explains owner Will Boscawen. “It only makes sense that we would follow the history of wine right back to its origins, with honey wine being the original wine and the world’s oldest drink”.

Honey wine has a long and illustrious history, originally stumbled upon with the chance discovery that honey, blended with water, would ferment, giving birth to the first alcoholic beverage. Steeped in mythology from the Ancient Greeks through to Norse warriors, honey wine was even the original drink of the wedding toast, believed to bring good fortune and fertility to newly-weds, and coining the phrase ‘honeymoon’.

Mereworth Wines planted their vineyards in 2016, releasing their first vintage in April 2020. Their English Sparkling wines are made by the traditional method, as in Champagne, with the second fermentation taking place in bottle. This means the tanks in their winery are empty for a proportion of the year, giving them the ideal opportunity to make their own honey wine, which is the base for their Marourde Aperitif. This honey wine base is then blended, aged and fortified by their winemaker.

Marourde is available by the glass in the recently-opened ‘Mereworth Winery & Taproom’ or from the Mereworth Wines website.

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