We have been delighted with the response and support from members to the Classic Campaign. What unites our producers is the need to protect and communicate that sector of our industry which has been almost entirely responsible for the global reputation of our wines: our traditional method sparkling wines.

“The process of championing, differentiating and protecting these wines needs to be undertaken proactively, confidently, and positively. While the majority of English and Welsh Sparkling wines are currently made by Classic Method, as the prestige and visibility of the category continues to increase, we expect lower-cost, lower-effort versions to enter the market. That could be managed in a healthy, ‘gateway’ approach, but only if we have Classic Method in an unassailable position first.”

Our aims in this project are to:

  • Establish Classic Method English and Welsh Sparkling Wine as one of the great (sparkling) wines of the world, across the world
  • Clearly differentiate Classic Method English and Welsh Sparkling Wine as the flagship sparkling wine style of Great Britain
  • Use the halo from Classic Method Sparkling to have a positive knock on effect all other styles of our wines, including the dynamic developments in still wines and on the industry as a whole.

Classic Method – the Term

Our references to all sparkling wines from England and Wales produced using the traditional method will now refer to ‘Classic Method’. This will be integral to our communications. As part of this process, we have developed a messaging hierarchy further to confidently articulates greater use of ‘British’, ‘Great British’ and all its variations.

The Great British Classic Hallmark

Use of the Hallmark is applicable to those wines which have PDO and PGI status. We will be working on our own regulations to in time develop our quality parameters and in turn the use of the hallmark.

The Great British Classic Hallmark has been filed as a certification mark. It is free to WineGB members to use in relation to their PDO and PGI classic method wines. A fee will be charged to non-members to use it.

In time we will have accompanying regulation on the naming of the different methods of production to be included on labels plus a revision of the current PDO/PGI system to ensure they represent a higher level of quality.

Further information with access to TOOLKIT and DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCER ASSETS are available here

Communication to the trade and press

Critical to this whole process are the trade and press (UK and, in time, overseas) - they are highly influential and the ones who will adopt and communicate the concept to their consumers. The press launch, on 15 October 2020 unveiled CLASSIC METHOD as the reference term for this method of production. The Hallmark is shared as the visual identifier for PDO and PGI sparkling wines, now adopted by producers and available to trade to use for their own promotions.

Further information on the press packs and trade information are available in the Trade area of this site.