What is #BigEnglishWineEaster?

Following on from last year’s virtual soirée (#BigEnglishWineGoodFriday) dedicated to the Great British Wine Industry, we're thrilled to support the social movement that this year aims to support not only local producers, but also the hospitality sector in these difficult times.

The Big English Wine Easter, or #BEWE, will feature an extensive series of social media events, with winemakers, trade and wine lovers everywhere encouraged to open a bottle of English wine and share a photo or video, with the hashtags #bigenglishwineeaster and #BEWE, between 7pm and 8pm on Saturday, 3rd April.



How to get involved?

Whether you’re a producer, wine enthusiast or communicator, you can get involved by simply posting about #BEWE and #bigenglishwineeaster on Twitter and/or Instagram. To download templates to create your own visuals click here.

• Open, taste and share your chosen wine(s) on the night however you like – pictures, videos, Instagram live streams!
• Be sure to tag the producer of the wine and don’t forget to use the hashtag #BEWE so that everyone can follow the fun.

Most importantly, enjoy and have a great time interacting with others enjoying English wine!




Calendar of Events – see what’s happening:

The campaign will preview from Monday, 22nd March with a series of online events and social media posts hosted by numerous English and Welsh wine supporters - for the complete calendar of activities click here.

#BEWE Fundraiser

#BigEnglishWineEaster – will now support those in the U.K. drinks and hospitality industry who have been most affected by the impact of the pandemic. All money raised will be split equally between The Drinks Trust and Hospitality Action.



Downloadable Images to Share