Our Craft


All Classic Method wines must have been produced by the same method that produces Champagne. This involves a long and complex process including two fermentations and a length of time in the cellars until they are released. It is the highest quality method of production of sparkling wine in the world.

On average, a bottle of Classic Method sparkling wine will not be available to buy for five years from the year the grapes were picked: that much goes into it.

In time we will be introducing the method of production to be included on the label so that you know what you are buying. This move will serve all sectors of our sparkling wine industry, including our members who produce sparkling by other processes.


Over the last 30 years Great Britain has evolved in to a world-class wine producing region, spearheaded by the successes our Classic Method sparkling wines have achieved on the international stage.

The fresh-faced, breezy, crisp, transparent quality of grapes coaxed from our British countryside and knife-edge summers lend themselves perfectly to producing wines using the Classic method to make something amazing, and highly distinctive. It’s now rooted in place, alongside some of the brightest talent in the winemaking world – and that’s why we’re now confidently on a path to be accepted as one of the finest wines of the world.