Bulletins and Information

Our Members receive regular bulletins, and have access to information pages on sustainability topics. For example, here is the April 2021 bulletin on Sustainable Winery Design.

Join the Certification Scheme

They can also join the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain Certification Scheme.


This initiative encourages and enables Wine GB members to achieve the following objectives:


Maintain and improve soil health Improve winery design to reduce environmental impact
Manage vineyard canopies and yields optimally Reduce the energy and water footprint per bottle of wine
Minimise and optimise pesticide inputs Reduce the environmental impact of wine packaging
Conserve the vineyard (and surrounding) environment and promote biodiversity Reduce the carbon footprint per bottle of wine
Reduce vineyard carbon footprint per hectare Reduce, re-use and recycle winery waste and wastewater
Reduce, re-use and recycle vineyard waste

Commercial Wine Producers can gain certification for their vineyards, wineries and wines by following the Scheme Guidelines and successfully completing an independent audit every three years.

In particular, they must observe, measure and record data relating to our sustainability objectives, which will then be benchmarked with that of other members. This will lead to a culture of continuous improvement towards our goal of securing environmental sustainability at the heart of the UK wine production industry

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The WineGB Carbon Calculator

One of the key features of this Scheme is that Members are required to calculate the carbon footprint of their vineyard and winery every year, using the WineGB Carbon Calculator, developed in association with the Farm Carbon Toolkit company.

For more information you can watch the video of our recent webinar.

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