January 2019

First meeting of the SWGB Workgroup

May 2019

Engagement of the first four sponsors: Cloud Agro, MCC, Vinescapes and Waitrose & Partners

July 2019

Publication of the first SWGB Bulletin (Soil Management)

August 2019

Simonit & Sirch and Parker Hannifin become sponsors

September 2019

Publication of Winery Wastewater bulletin

November 2019

First draft of Scheme guidelines agreed

Publication of Crop Management bulletin

December 2019

SWGB logo agreed

January 2020

Publication of Vine Nutrition bulletin

Appointment of Ricardo as Auditing Partner

February 2020

Welcome Event for the 30 Founder Members of the Scheme

March 2020

Publication of the Energy Use in Wineries bulletin

Marks and Spencer & Fera become sponsors

May 2020

Publication of the Carbon Calculation in Vineyards bulletin and launch of the WineGB Carbon Calculator

New sponsors Vitisynth and Vidacycle join

June 2020

First successful SWGB audits!

Vinegrowing Technical Committee formed: co-Chaired by Alex Valsecchi and Dominic travers of Albury Vineyard

Winemaking Technical Committee formed: Chaired by Simon Roberts (Ridgeview Wine Estate), vice-Chair Sergio Verrillo (Blackbook winery)

January 2021

First SWGB Annual General Meeting: to review the Scheme Guidelines and welcome new Members.

Spring 2021

First SWGB-Certified wines released for sale!

All this is due to the support of our sponsors (click on the logos below for more details):