Wine Intelligence:  Sparkling Wine in the UK Market (August 2019)

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WineGB Yield and Production Survey

The largest Grower Survey in the history of UK wine was carried out in early 2019. This came on the back of one of the great British vintages with almost perfect growing conditions and superlative yields across the country. Whilst the climate was the primary driver of 2018’s exceptional performance, in 2019 WineGB invested in a data-gathering exercise intended to start the process of significantly improving our understanding of UK vineyard yields across all conditions and regions. With the support of the 2016 ICCWS Committee, WineGB commissioned the largest grower survey of yield and production variables ever undertaken in the UK. The Survey launched in January 2019 with invitations to participate going out to WineGB Members and Non-Members alike.

The Survey contains a series of questions designed by leading viticulturalist Stephen Skelton MW, who leads the WineGB Viticulture Working Group (VWG), in association with Wine Intelligence, Veni Vidi Viti Ltd. and Peter Hayes, the highly respected international viticulture consultant. The long term goal is to increase significantly the industry understanding of the data behind yield variability in the UK.

In this first year, the data gathered sets the foundations for what will be an ongoing data collection exercise, facilitating better targeting of industry development initiatives, R&D, grower education, public policy measures and private investment.

The Survey itself was developed by Wine Intelligence and the data collected is subject to their strict privacy protocols to ensure that individually identifiable information is kept confidential. The amalgamated and anonymised high-level results are available to the general public, with the potential for in-depth analysis and benchmarking explored on the basis of the quantity and quality of data collected.


WineGB supports research and development, education and training, for the long term environmental and economic sustainability of the UK wine production industry. Research and development specific to grapegrowing and winemaking in the UK is being carried out by NIAB-EMR (East Malling, Kent) in consortium with other research partners across the UK.

A viticulture consortium comprising NIAB-EMR and the leading UK vineyards, Chapel Down, Nyetimber and Gusbourne Estate, was launched at Fruit Focus (20/7/16) with the aim of providing much-needed underpinning science to the rapidly growing UK quality wine sector. The East Malling Viticulture Research Consortium, chaired by Campden BRI’s Geoff Taylor, will help direct the focus of the work undertaken at NIAB EMR and ensure the application of its science will play a significant role in the sustainability and profitability of the UK wine industry.

The consortium benefits from NIAB-EMR’s extensive science team and network to develop cost effective research and knowledge transfer activities. The consortium is delighted to welcome new forward-thinking members from all aspects of the UK viticulture sector who share similar high quality aspirations. If you are interested please contact Dr Julien Lecourt:

NIAB EMR’s grape research programme

The grape research programme at NIAB EMR is co-ordinated by Dr Julien Lecourt (From University of Bordeaux and INRA) and involves leading scientists from across NIAB EMR’s three research programmes:

  • Resource Efficiency for Crop Production
  • Genetics & Crop Improvement
  • Pest & Pathogen Ecology for Sustainable Crop Management
NIAB EMR’s concept vineyard

NIAB EMR has planted (2015) a research vineyard for both scientific and demonstration purposes. The vineyard is ensuring that research is directly applicable to commercial vineyards and also provides an essential tool to test upstream innovative practices or novel ideas of research in viticulture.

For more information on NIAB EMR’s viticulture research programme see

WineGB’s Management Advisory Committee working groups for Research and Development and for Viticulture work closely with research projects relevant for the UK industry.

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