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Message from the Chairman

In these challenging times we will be doing our best to identify issues which we think will be relevant to you and provide guidance. However, please note that details for many things are sometimes pretty scanty so we may not be able to provide a complete answer.

Please let us know of any relevant experience you have e.g. if you have difficulty accessing some of the Government’s assistance schemes. If you do not want to raise questions in a public forum, please feel free to email me or any other member of the team. Please also note that we expect government guidance to change over time so it is important that you keep up to date with the current situation.

I also want to assure members that business at WineGB is continuing as normal as far as possible although obviously many of our events have had to be postponed or cancelled. Our 'Project Portfolio' is available and regularly updated on the website. Please click here for the WineGB Project Portfolio.

This information is in the public area of our web site so it will be available to non-members as well. Not our usual standpoint as you know but these are exceptional times and I think it is the right thing to do.

With best wishes to you all,
Simon Robinson

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  • £18 m research funding includes viticulture
  • Opening up after lockdown- webinar recording
  • WineGB Marketing and Viticulture webinars
  • PDO, PGI and QWS Organoleptic Tastings
  • Viti-Culture LIVE 9 July – register now
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  • Government says it will establish a Trade and Agriculture Commission
  • Government updates and notifications
  • Pre-harvest invite from WineGB Patrons Murphy & Son and Lallemand


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  • Hospitality, leisure and tourism facilities to re-open from 4 July
  • Government updates and notifications
  • WineGB Webinar series
  • WineGB Awards - Entries close this Friday!
  • Murphy & Son discount on wine products for English Wine Week


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  • Upcoming Webinar (25 June): Opening Up After Lockdown
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  • English Wine Week
  • Oz Clarke Book
  • Charity Run during English Wine Week
  • WineGB Awards 2020 – Entries Now Open!
  • Recorded spike in online searches for English wine
  • #EnglishWineNight
  • Week in the press


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  • #Englishwinenight – final one of the series!
  • English Wine Week
  • WineGB Awards
  • WineGB Trade Tasting
  • Webinars
  • Vineyards Reopening - Survey
  • Seasonal vineyard and winery photos – we need your help!
  • Week in the Press and other stories


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  • #EnglishWineNight TONIGHT - WineGB West
  • WineGB Awards - Survey
  • WineGB marketing and viticulture webinars
  • Seasonal Vineyard and Winery photos - we need your help!
  • English Wine Week 2020

Wines of Great Britain Sector Update 22/04

To read the latest sector update from the Chairman, Simon Robinson, please click here.

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The WineGB office is now closed and the team are working from home. Please send an email to and someone will get back to you. Julia Trustram Eve and Jo Cowderoy are available during office hours on their mobile numbers. The team are endeavouring to provide the normal level of service but please be patient and considerate if we are a little slow to respond.

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