There are many resources available covering the subject of grape growing, winemaking, marketing as well as the general wine industry, that are applicable to production in the UK. Listed below are a selection of book titles, journals as well as some recommended website resources.


Wine Growing in Great Britain: A complete guide to growing grapes for wine production in cool climates

by Stephen Skelton MW

Sunlight Into Wine: A Handbook for Wine Grape Canopy Management

by Richard Smart and Mike Robinson

by Bryce Rankine MW

Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking

by Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop MW

The Grapevine: From the Science to the Practice of Growing Vines for Wine

by Patrick Iland, Peter Dry, Tony Proffitt and Steve Tyerman

Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture

by Britt Karlsson, Per Karlsson and Roger Tanner

The Wine Producers' Handbook: a Practical Guide to Setting Up a Vineyard and Winery in the UK (Paperback)

by Dr Belinda Kemp and Emma Rice

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Grapes: Revised second edition covering grapevine growth and fruit development, vineyard establishment, mechanisation, post-harvest processing. Also, the impact of climate change, seasonal management, mechanisation and organic management options

by Glen Creasy and Leroy Creasy

Understanding Vineyard Soils

by Robert E White

Viticulture: An introduction to commercial grape growing for wine production

by Stephen Skelton MW

Vine Varieties, Clones and Rootstocks for UK Vineyards: A guide to the varieties of grape vine, clones and rootstocks suitable for wine production in Great Britain and other cool climates

by Stephen Skelton MW

Understanding Wine Technology: The Science of Wine Explained

by David Bird MW

UK Vineyards Guide 2016: A directory of vineyards in Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands

by Stephen Skelton MW

Grapes and Wine: A comprehensive guide to varieties and flavours

by Oz Clarke and Margaret Rand

Biodynamic Wine 2016 (Classic Wine Library) (The Infinite Ideas Classic Wine Library)

by Monty Waldin

Wine Science: The Application of Science in Winemaking

by Jamie Goode

A Guide to the Wines of England and Wales

by Philip Williamson, David Moore and Neville Blech

Stewart Wilde Sparkling Wine book Cover

Sparkling Wine: The Vineyards or England and Wales

by Stewart Wilde


You may find the following journals/sites useful (you may need to subscribe):

Grapegrower & Winemaker, Australia's longest established and most authoritative wine industry journal covering Australia and New Zealand.

The Wines Vines Analytics team maintains the wine industry’s most accurate databases and provides data-driven analysis, data, insights and reports to help clients grow and manage their businesses.

The American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (AJEV), published quarterly, is an official journal of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) and is the premier journal in the English language dedicated to scientific research on winemaking and grapegrowing.

The Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research provides a forum for the exchange of information about new and significant research in viticulture, oenology and related fields, and aims to promote these disciplines throughout the world.

Other Resources

Nestbitt, A., et al. “A suitability model for viticulture in England and Wales: opportunities for investment, sector growth and increased climate resilience” Journal of Land Use Science.  Vol. 13, 2018 – Issue 4
Nesbitt, A., et al. "Impact of recent climate change and weather variability on the viability of UK viticulture–combining weather and climate records with producers' perspectives." Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 22.2 2016
Jones, Gregory V., et al. "Climate change and global wine quality." Climactic change
Richardson, Oliver. "Could tourism be the economic saviour of UK vineyards?" International Journal of Wine Marketing 16.1 (2004)
Spellman, Greg, and Ken Field. "The changed fortunes of United Kingdom viticulture?." Geography (2002)
Clout, Hugh. "An Overview of the Fluctuating Fortunes of Viticulture in England and Wales." EchoGéo 23 (2013) An Overview of the Fluctuating Fortunes of Viticulture in England and Wales
Foss, Chris et al. "LIFE-ADVICLIM Project: Plumpton Pilot Site" The LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to evaluate and develop local climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies
Hayes, Peter AM. "ICCWS & WineGB Yield Survey 2019" ICCWS WineGB Yield Survey 2019 Review of Data Analysis
Skelton, Stephen MW. "ICCWS & WineGB Yield Survey 2019" ICCWS WineGB Yield Survey 2019

Other Useful Links

Winetitles media, based in Australia, provides a comprehensive range of wine industry specific book titles. Topics covered include: winemaking, grapegrowing, wine marketing, winery wastewater, canopy management and wine berry assessment.

International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)