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With businesses severely impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s all the more important to ensure that time spent on marketing and developing your sales routes is productive and being used to best effect.

WineGB has devised a series of one-hour webinars and peer-to-peer online meetings to help members maximise wine sales during COVID-19, and to help prepare for rebuilding their business after the lockdown.

We’re bringing together business and marketing experts alongside industry peers to share their knowledge, practical advice and experience. Each webinar will include a Q&A session.

The first series is focussed on marketing and sales support during COVID-19.

Tuesday 5 May, 6.00 pm

Understanding how customers go from not knowing you exist to being your biggest fan

In these unprecedented times, it is essential to look at your sales and marketing strategy to ensure that your business is running as effectively as possible. With so many businesses severely affected by the lockdown, who your customers are now and in the future is crucial.  Robin will explain the path the customer takes from not knowing you to placing an order, as well as how to develop an effective marketing plan for your business, including the use of email, social media and e-commerce.

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Thursday 7 May, 6.00 pm


Justin Howard-Sneyd MW
Sam Lindo – Camel Valley Vineyard
Caroline Stevens – Danebury Vineyard
Matt Hodgson – Grape Britannia (retailer specialist in English and Welsh wines)

Many wine producers have seen their businesses turn upside down from the impact of COVID-19. Closure of cellar door operations and complete shutdown of the hospitality industry has meant that wine producers have to look at how to turn their business around to continue selling their wines. This panel session brings together experts in retail and wholesale to share their experiences together with two different producers who will share some insight in to how they are managing their businesses with selling direct to consumers and building relationships with their trade customers.

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Thursday 14 May, 6.00 pm


Sue Llewellyn,
Joana Albogas, WineGB

At this time, the importance and relevance of social media has never been higher. For many this is still an unknown entity; for others a little knowledge has set them on the path in to this communication channel but there is still much to learn. This webinar will cover the essentials in managing social media confidently and effectively and illustrate why it is such an essential tool to communicate with consumers and influencers. During the presentation our own social media officer, Joana Albogas, will outline the approach that WineGB has taken and how its brand building is also growing awareness in our industry.

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Thursday 21 May, 6.00 pm


Speakers: Elisabeth Else, Wine Cellar Door

Producers are no longer questioning whether they should sell online, a key part of the direct to consumer channel, but how they can increase these sales, both as an immediate source of revenue and as an ongoing option. This webinar will include some simple steps to help with sales right now, as well as a few more ideas to build for the future.
As vineyards start to open, we will also talk about how the wineries of Sonoma started to reopen after the California fires with some lessons that may be useful here.

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Thursday 28 May, 6.00 pm


Sue Llewellyn,
Joana Albogas, WineGB

Instagram is currently the most popular of the social media channels. Its audience tends to be younger than Twitter and are an important pool of potential customers. The Wine Intelligence report on sparkling wine sales in the UK (August 2019) highlighted that 80% of consumers of English sparkling wine were under 45, suggesting that Instagram is an important route to this audience. However, tone of voice and presentation are key to successful engagement, and this webinar will outline exactly how this can be achieved.

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Thursday 4 June, 6.00 pm


Speakers: Robin Adams, Chimpanswers

Your ability to generate sales and revenue for your business is almost entirely driven by your ability to communicate with them - and one of the most powerful communication tools available to all businesses is email marketing. This webinar will give you some guidelines on how to best use email marketing to build relationships with your customers and highlight some of the best practices using Mailchimp - the world’s largest email marketing tool. If you’re already email marketing, or are looking to start, this webinar will give you a good understanding and provide a few tips for even the most prolific of emailers.

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