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WineGB has devised a series of one-hour webinars and peer-to-peer online meetings. We’re bringing together business and industry experts alongside industry peers to share their knowledge, practical advice and experience. Each webinar includes a Q&A session.

How to identify and market to your target audience on social media

Thursday 5 November, 6.00pm

Speakers: Joana Albogas, WineGB; Ned Awty, Awty Consulting; Leandro Cabrini, Wild Yeast Media


Typically, defining your social media target audience is similar to drafting your company's buyer personas and will help you develop brand guidelines.

You'll answer questions like, “What content will your audience relate to?” and “What tone or voice should you use?”

But that's only the starting point. This webinar will take the form of a panel discussion, where we'll cover areas such as:

  • Defining your customer's demographics and choosing the right channel for each
  • Finding your customer online and how to speak to them
  • The importance of creating personas and how to do it
  • Determining your customer’s needs
  • Co-marketing with similar brands

Attendees are welcome to ask any other questions ahead of the webinar - please contact [email protected] with any questions you would like asked.