Emma Rice, Hattingley Valley

Lead: Emma Rice, Head winemaker, Hattingley Valley Vineyard

Scope and Purpose:

  • Provision of seasonal advice and best practice for members
  • Quality benchmarking and recommendations for continued wine quality improvements
  • A guidance booklet for new entrants
  • Research in to a platform for grape and wine trading
  • Investigation of winemaking issues and collaboration with research projects

The Winemaking Working Group, chaired by Emma Rice, advises the WineGB Management Advisory Committee. It is made up of WineGB member representatives from a broad spectrum of UK-based wine producers. This spectrum endeavours to represent the different areas of experience and wine styles, rather than size or location, within WineGB. If you are interested in being a member of the Working Group, please get in touch with Emma via email ([email protected]). A list will be kept of those wanting to join the Working Group and if a vacancy becomes available then the members will select a volunteer in order to best maintain representation from across the aforementioned spectrum. Guest contributions from specialists outside the UK or who are not members of WineGB may be, from time to time, drafted in to advise on particular topics.

In June this year the winemaking group will be running a Winemaking Technical Conference. Full details of speakers, topics and tickets will be sent out to members in due course.

The winemaking group have also given advice on introducing a taste test to increase standards of the current PDO. As part of this they are exploring ways in which feedback and guidance can be offered to members.

For more information or to get involved, please use the Contact Form, with the first line of the message as 'MAC: Winemaking'.