Wine labelling is subject to a number of rules which can be difficult to understand. To assist members the Wine Standards Branch have produced two short guides; one for still wines and one for sparkling wines. More detailed information can be found in the UKVA Guide to the EU Wine Regime document produced but the UKVA in 2009 (note that this is out of date with respect to the regulations but is still useful for labelling guidance). Links to all three documents are provided below.

If in any doubt producers are advised to contact their local Wine Standards Inspector who will be happy to provide guidance and who may be able to verify compliance of label designs before printing.


The lot number is a compulsory labelling item required by the wine regime. It can appear anywhere on the bottle i.e on the label, etched in the glass or inkjetted to the screwcap.

The lot number normally takes the following format: L-12345. It is important that it corresponds with the winemakers records so that they can identify the wine in the unlikely event of a recall.

Disgorgement dates for sparkling wines have also been previously accepted instead of a lot number as it can be argued that they are equally if not more accurate.  (information supplied by Wine Standards)