UK wine law is based on European Union law and is enforced by Wine Standards Branch (WSB) of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) which is part of the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). All vineyards which operate commercially and all non-commercial vineyards larger than 0.1 hectares in size must be registered with WSB.

The information and links provide you with guidelines and signposting, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are complying with all relevant regulations, licences and legal requirements of the enforcing bodies and organisations.

UK Wine Law

The link below will take you to the current regulations as set out in the government legislation database. There is also a draft statutory instrument (SI) which is due to be incorporated in to UK law as a result of exiting the EU which you may find useful.

UK Government Guidance

The UK government also provides guidance for businesses in the wine trade. This covers a number of areas including labelling, record keeping, rules for transporting wine and more.

FSA Guidance

The FSA website has some useful explanatory sections on how EU wine law is applied in the UK, which regulations apply, specific regulation requirements and mandatory labelling information.

Labelling guides produced by WSB are also available on the Labelling page.