In just a decade, English and Welsh Sparkling Wine producers have won an ultra-premium reputation and price positioning with several key audiences, both here and overseas. This is a huge achievement. Many sparkling wine styles would love to be in this enviable position.

WineGB has created a key strategy to champion the national brand with traditional method sparkling wine as the hero style. The aim of this focussed project has been to confidently and proactively establish Traditional Method as the authentic expression of sparkling wine from Great Britain, and the greatest expression of its Terroir.


Why? The fresh-faced, breezy, crisp, transparent quality of grapes grown from Great Britain and its knife-edge summer are crying out for this style. In its production it takes an essentially extreme, nervy personality of grape/base wine, and interacts with it – with time and deep craft – to make something highly distinctive - and that is why we are confident that we are on a path to be accepted as one of the finest wines of the world.

This is why we are positively differentiating sparkling wines made by the Classic Method from those made by processes such as Charmat, Pet Nat and aeration. We will use the halo from Classic Method Sparkling as a way to highlight the growing diversity and increasingly varied positioning of all wine styles produced from Great Britain.


Our work has included creating a messaging hierarchy around our wines. Not only does this include a positive move to include more reference to words which belong to us such as British, Britain, Great Britain, but we needed to capture the right term for our method of our hero sparkling wine style.

‘Traditional’ seemed old fashioned; ‘Classic’ captures elegance, tradition with a twist, quintessential and timeless. Our reference to our wine method will therefore be termed ‘CLASSIC METHOD’. In time, the aim is to bring in regulation whereby any sparkling wine must include reference to the method of production.


To illustrate this method of production, we have created a high-quality Hallmark to support the highest level of these wines – those that have achieved PDO and PGI status. The aim is to provide a quality mark to identify these wines in point of sale and marketing items.

The Great British Classic Method PRESS PACK
For further information or to access downloadable Hallmark assets, please contact us