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Wednesday 30 March 2022


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Want a new slant on UK Staycations?
Want to know more about a wine-related minibreak?

There are so many exciting culinary experiences to enjoy in Britain – and that includes our award-winning wine, produced across England and Wales. Which is why we are organising a very special Travel Show in London on Wednesday March 30 to showcase the hidden treasures that are the country’s vineyards, many of whom now welcome visitors for tours, tastings, meals, ‘at the gate’ sales and in some cases even accommodation.

Many of the larger vineyards now have sophisticated visitor centres with fine dining, winemaker events, wedding and celebration parties, different places to stay in the vineyards themselves, or in nearby pubs and hotels.

A tour of English and Welsh vineyards is the perfect mini-break, opening up new vistas of the countryside around us. But where to start? Focussing on tourism, there are now groups of vineyards who have joined forces to promote their area, working together to create specific tours and tastings,  and advising on local accommodation and food.

These Vineyard Clusters will be at the Travel Show with information about their members, and what they have to offer – together with wines to show the regional differences.

Everything, in fact, needed for a Wine Staycation recommendation for your readers and followers. And in the year of the Platinum Jubilee, this could spark interest with everyone....



This is a unique opportunity to get to know our Wine Visitor offerings and experiences!

The event is aimed primarily at travel and lifestyle media and social media

Please join us for an opportunity to discover this exciting industry right on the doorstep!

Date:  Wednesday March 30th

Where: Balfour St Barts, 66 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9DY

Time: 10.30am – 2.30pm

How to register: please email [email protected] or complete the form below


WineGB Travel Show 2022

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