Wine producers in England and Wales are able to apply for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) or Varietal Wine certification.

PDO and PGI designations are European Union indicators of quality and authenticity in terms of regional origin or traditional production. The wines that qualify have met certain requirements for their technical analysis and have passed an organoleptic assessment (a formal tasting - details can be found HERE).

Wines produced in the county of Sussex are able to apply for a separate Sussex designation, currently ‘Sussex Quality Wine’ pending final approval of the Sussex PDO scheme by the European Commission.

If you have any questions or need help with applications please contact the Wine Scheme Manager at


How to apply for PDO or PGI

Applications for the PDO or PGI wine schemes are online. To access the online application system please click the button below.

  • This is available to both members of WineGB and non-members
  • You will need to register to use the system
  • All applications will need to be paid for online at time of submission
  • Please note: it is no longer possible to submit paper applications for PDO and PGI (the Varietal Wine Scheme remains a paper-based application – see below).
  • Guidance notes for the application process along with scheme rules are available to download from the online system front page

How to apply for Varietal Registration

The completed form should be submitted by email. Full instructions, including for payment, are included on the form.

For Varietal Wine Scheme applications please use this form: