Wine Standards

Varietal Wine Certification Form

The Varietal Wine scheme in the UK operates under EU stipulations for checks on authenticity of the vine variety(ies) and vintage specified.

Please complete and submit the form below once for each wine you wish to register. A standard e-commerce shopping basket and checkout process is used for payment (via Paypal or Credit/Debit card) and applications will not be accepted until payment has been made.

A VAT invoice will be emailed to you automatically on receipt of payment.



  • The name of the producer or winemaker who made the wine.

    (only required if different to Producer/Winemaker)

  • Please enter the vine varieties and percentages (in separate rows) in the blend in descending order, and check that the list total is 100%. To add a row click on the '+' sign at the end of the last row.
    VarietyPercentage in Blend 
  • Source of grapes (if not own) must be evident in the applicant's records. Select YES if grapes were sourced from vineyard(s) other than your own.
  • Any other information relevant to your application. Please do NOT use apostrophes, single or double quotation marks in the text.
  • Confirmation/Signature

    Enter your correspondence email address and name/date. This constitutes an acceptable electronic signature.
  • This email address WILL BE USED FOR ALL CORRESPONDENCE relating to this application.
  • Select 'Owner' if you own the wine but it was made by someone else (in which case you MUST enter Owner details above); otherwise select 'Producer'


VARIETAL WINE CERTIFICATION March 2012 (rev. 16/10/18)

  1. Wines from 2009 and subsequent vintages which are not submitted and approved for either the Quality Wine Scheme or the Regional Wine Scheme, may be entitled to describe one or more varieties and/or the vintage on the new category of “Varietal Wine” if they go through a Certification Process.
  2. Sparkling Wines and Quality Sparkling Wines labelled after 31 December 2010 with variety and/or vintage are also subject to this Certification Process.
  3. The Certification will be performed by Wine Standards, Food Standards Agency as part of a control plan for Varietal Wine production. Wine Standards has asked Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) to act as a conduit for collating information on those wines that will be marketed as Varietal Wines; WineGB is not involved in determining whether wines are eligible for certification as Varietal Wines. The current cost of the application process is £15 (plus VAT) per wine, payable to WineGB to cover its administrative costs.
  4. Wine producers who wish to market their product under the Varietal Wine scheme should fill in and submit this form so that the relevant authorities are informed of such wines entering the market. Registration will also ensure that producers are kept informed of developments in the Certification Process.
  5. Applications may be submitted by the wine maker/producer or the owner (if different). The maker/producer may apply on behalf of a grower whose wines have been made under contract at the winery. Applications may be based on grapes obtained from other vineyards and this should be stated on the application form.
  6. The general conditions on use of vine variety and vintage descriptions apply to Varietal Wine.
    • If a single variety is named, at least 85% of the wine must be of this variety.
    • If two or more varieties are named, 100% of the wine must be from the named varieties. The varieties must be listed in descending order of proportion.
    • If a vintage is stated, at least 85% of the wine must be from this vintage.

A form must be submitted for each wine, and the details will be forwarded to Wine Standards, Food Standards Agency. Varietal Wines may be marketed following lodgement of this form. Wine Standards will carry out checks prior to certification being granted, which may take place after marketing of the wine. If on inspection by Wine Standards the records fail to establish the criteria for Varietal Wine, the wine in question must be marketed without reference to variety or vintage.

Wine makers/producers entering wines should maintain records to show:

For each wine, movement records within the winery that permit the verification of all the varietals (and their proportion) within the wine;

For each varietal listed, records tracing the grapes to their source vineyard.


Electronic Signature:

The successful submission of the form will be considered as an electronic signature.


Payment of £18.00 (£15.00 + VAT) must be made by Paypal or with a credit/debit card. Application fees are added to a standard e-commerce shopping basket so that several applications may be submitted and the payment made through checkout in a single transaction. A VAT invoice will automatically be produced and emailed to the applicant.

Any questions relating to the application form or process should be addressed to the Wine Scheme Manager at [email protected].