(Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designations are European Union indicators of quality and authenticity in terms of regional origin or traditional production. The wines that qualify have met certain requirements for their technical analysis and have passed an organoleptic assessment (a formal tasting).

Wine producers in England and Wales are able to apply for PDO, PGI or Varietal Wine certification. Wines produced in the county of Sussex are able to apply for a separate Sussex designation, currently ‘Sussex Quality Wine’ pending final approval of the Sussex PDO scheme by the European Commission.

Further information on the criteria English and Welsh wine producers are required to meet are available on the online application system front page (click here).

A guide to how English and Welsh wines are labelled:

Still Wines Labelling Guide

Sparkling Wines Labelling Guide

List of wines with PDO or PGI status

You can search which wines have obtained their PDO/PGI status since July 2017 using the searchable list below. It can also be sorted by clicking on the column headings to make it easier to find specific entries. A list of wines assessed prior to the introduction of the online system can be found here: PDO PGI list up to July 2017.

Type App No Approved Date Owner Wine Name Region Vintage Style Colour